Property Health & Sanitation Program – Phase 1 Opening



The Guest Experience:  Until further notice, Curbside Pickup will be available for guests that do not wish to have an in-store experience (based on tenant discretion).  Guest should coordinate that with each tenant for pick up. No more than four guests will be permitted in elevators at one time.  Common area seating and tables have been reduced and some roof top deck areas are closed to minimize the amount of cleaning and sanitation that is required under these reduced levels.  All seating adjustments were done to allow for and encourage social distancing.


Additionally, Container Park hours have been adjusted to reduced hours (please refer to the Container Park website for more information on hours).  Other aspects to the Park, including but not limited to Live Entertainment (Stage Performances), Play Area, including treehouse and play blocks, Pixel Room, and Mantis may not be active as we begin to reopen Container Park.  Please check the COVID section on our website to verify openings.  Some tenants are not able to reopen at this time due to the State of Nevada Governor’s orders.  Other businesses are opening in later phases.


Retail Spaces: In coordination with our retail partners and tenants, guest occupancy limits will be enforced to allow for and encourage appropriate social distancing.  We encourage our tenants to follow all disinfection and cleaning guidelines provided by Southern Nevada Health District.  We also expect all tenants to follow guidelines provided by the Governor’s Office, which include strict social distancing guidelines and the use of PP&E.  Please familiarize yourself here:


The following has been implemented as our moving forward process:


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Appropriate PPE will be worn by all Container Park employees based upon their role and responsibilities and in adherence to government regulations and guidance. When required, training on how to properly use and dispose of PPE will be provided. Every employee will be provided a face covering and required to wear that face covering when interacting with others or when in the common area. Gloves will be provided for employees whose responsibilities require them. It is each tenant’s responsibility to provide relevant PPE to their teams. Guests are asked to wear face coverings while on property, but it isn’t required.


Hand Sanitizer:  Hand sanitizer dispensers will be placed in high contact locations and the main office for employees to use.  Sanitizer isn’t intended to replace hand washing, it is to supplement hand washing when a team member isn’t able to access a station to wash their hands.  When possible, hand washing is always the preferred method with hot water and soap to mechanically remove any germs and bacteria.


Signage:  Health and hygiene reminders, including hand washing reminders, will be placed throughout the property. Signage, with appropriate training and hygiene reminders, will be posted in break rooms accessed by Container Park employees. Such signage may include reminders about the proper way to wear, handle, and dispose of face coverings and gloves; proper handwashing, coughing, and sneezing techniques; and a reminder to avoid touching your face.


Social Distancing:  Guests will be advised to practice social distancing by standing at least six feet away from others while standing in lines, using elevators, or moving around the property. Common area tables and seating will be arranged to permit and encourage social distancing. Employees will be reminded not to touch their faces and to practice social distancing by standing at least six feet away from guests, tenants, vendors, and other employees whenever possible. Container Park will comply with local or state mandated occupancy limits.


Employee, Vendor, Tenant, and Guest Health Concerns:  Our employees have been given instruction on how to respond to and report incidents where someone on the property could reasonably have been exposed to someone who is presumed to have tested positive for COVID-19. Employees are instructed to stay home if they do not feel well. If employees begin to exhibit any of the symptoms of COVID-19 while at the property, they are instructed to immediately notify their manager. All vendors and tenants are expected to implement protocols for the safety of their employees and the public.


General Team Member Guidelines

  • All team members arriving to work will have their temperature checked.  Team members must show a temperature of below 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Separation of shifts is critical to minimizing exposure- no staggering if possible
  • Separation of team members at different stations.  When needed in team of two maintaining social distancing guidelines
  • Moving forward, to support social distancing, breaks will be taken in shifts.
  • Employees will be provided masks and required to wear them.


Case Notification:  If we are alerted to a presumptive case of COVID-19 at the property, we will work with local health officials and SNHD to follow the appropriate actions recommended.